Electrical Contractors in Woodstock for Pole Line construction and Repairs

Harry’s Electric Inc has skilled and knowledgeable staff that can safely construct primary and secondary pole lines. We can also provide line repairs and line upgrades. Contact our team today for an estimate of the service you require.


Electric poles are often damaged due to factors such as weather conditions or transformer explosions. Our team can safely repair and help you maintain electric pole lines around your home or office.

Trenchers and Excavators

For electric services such as the installation of security cameras, trenches need to be dug for underground wiring. Underground wiring prevents the cables from being damaged by external elements such as weather and being run over by trucks. We have trenchers and excavators that enable us to dig trenches for laying electrical cables.

Bucket Trucks

In order to replace or repair wires, we have bucket trucks that can reach 40 feet in the air to access the utility poles. The trucks are insulated to protect our staff from potentially dangerous high-voltage wires.

Emergency Services

We’re available 24/7 to help you!